S.E.E.C. for all your Vertical Transportation Challenges

Over the past 12-years, S.E.E.C. has specialised in providing on International Level, advise on solutions for Vertical Transport of persons and goods in all types of environments.

Not all environments are equal and each development has its unique challenges, whether this be public transport & retail hubs, healthcare facilities, offices, residential buildings, or other applications.

Our expertise at design stage is to provide calculations to optimise the correct Vertical Transportation for any development regarding People flow, people density needs and where possible to predict future use, as flow of people and/or people density tend to increase over time.

In today’s environment, we are aware that energy consumption must be considered a high priority for any development. The Life Cycle of equipment, and the reduction of embedded carbon emissions, is a major decision factor in choosing the correct equipment.

Equal treatment of persons, inclusive of persons with disabilities, is a requirement in modern society. As our population is aging, people are more dependent on good quality & safe Vertical Transportation for longer independent living.

Our input at feasibility stage, is invaluable in choosing the correct Vertical Transport Systems for any development to ensure that the equipment meets its expected life cycle.

Our industry knowledge is essential in selecting the correct types of equipment. Exposed to time, wear and tear, environmental changes, increased traffic, extreme temperature, vandalism, etc., equipment can reach its limits and become unsafe for its users. Thus, providing the correct type of Vertical Transportation, that can stand the test of time, with the correct maintenance levels, is imperative for any development.

S.E.E.C.’s specialised knowledge and expertise is in Compliance with EU Regulations & Standards, notwithstanding National Regulations, Safety, Environmental, People Flow, Legal Requirements and Management of Maintenance of Vertical Transportation Systems in Buildings, Public Transport Hubs, Health Care Facilities, Retail, Entertainment and Hospitality.

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