All building projects need a backbone

Spine is a complete data management platform for the architecture, engineering and construction AEC industry. It is also an IT infrastructure that combines a wide range of software technologies, standards and agreements with specific building component data, making it far easier for project participants to communicate and work efficiently together.

The construction industry is undergoing an extensive digital revolution in which the use of information-rich building information modelling (BIM) and classification standards are becoming more and more prevalent. Spine provides the IT infrastructure that allows all participants to work together efficiently based on the industry-adopted standards. It is a software-as-a-service cloud solution that makes standards a natural part of the construction process and not just a project requirement.

Today, BIM models contain huge amounts of information from the early stages in the project to as-built drawings. Maintaining all this data requires considerable resources. The advantage of Spine is that the data are combined and can easily be accessed using everyday tools – even by people not used to working with BIM tools. Spine manages the complicated task of handling property data across BIM models, as this platform is based on classified building components. Spine can identify and coordinate property data between the models used by various technical disciplines and software solutions.

Spine converts international standards into pure technology and manages these standards to allow architects, engineers, contractors and developers to form an overview of all building elements and components – without working in the BIM model itself. Spine ensures a real understanding of concepts, consistent quality assurance, optimal collaboration and – not least – the simple and efficient application of standards.

Spine is designed to allow project members to access all data across and between any location at any time, for example from an internet browser to e.g. an advanced design, calculation or planning tool. With the Spine platform, Projectspine® is dedicated to delivering value to the entire value chain in the building construction industry, from early sketch to facility management and maintenance and operation

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