KÉSZ Metaltech

For us limits are just challenges!

For the new decade, Architectural Product Manufacturing Centre has become a qualified new company, including four business areas, with more than 30 years of experience: KÉSZ Metaltech Kft. Our range of services focuses on four branches: steel and lightweight structures construction, production of curtain walls, doors and windows, and the delivery of industrial and architectural facade claddings all the way from design through production to turnkey delivery. An industry that delivers the most optimal solution to the customer, using the knowledge, Metaltech technicians and its own machinery fleet.

Our main line of business is specialized in steel structure construction projects. We have more than 30 years of experience in complex projects, special steel structure investments both in Hungary and international markets. Our team has proven numerous times in the largest structural steelwork jobs where we completed the task on time and to the required quality. We have extensive experience, so we know exactly how to go through the whole process, from product design to construction and assembly.

Metaltech is not only a steel specialist but also the largest aluminium composite sheet metal processing plant in Hungary. As an unavoidable player in the market, it allows us to push the processing boundaries of raw materials thanks to their in-depth knowledge of materials and technology.

In addition, we know the facade cladding process from design to installation. Products sold or manufactured by us, our own experienced team and our own machines – these all guarantee the best possible solution for our customers. Furthermore, with our CNC machining center, we can process sheeting independently of the materials, even on extremely large surfaces, also meeting the needs of interior design and advertising.

Our reference countries include Hungary, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, and Turkmenistan.

Read more about KÉSZ Metaltech and contact us if you have any further question. In the meantime, if you are interested in the investment of the stadium that will host the 2023 World Athletics Championship, read our case study.

For us limits are just challenges!