Meet developers, advisors and turnkey contractors on future construction projects in Scandinavia

SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY to expand your activities in Scandinavia, which is investing heavily in urban and climate development, new infrastructure, high-rise buildings, offices, hotels, apartments, data centres, hospitals, research facilities and more.

The number of foreign contractors entering the Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian construction sector is growing daily as the industry is eager to guarantee enough skilled contractors, advisors, employees and equipment for the region’s record number of new construction projects.

THE 2020 CONFERENCE is aimed at developers, advisors, general turnkey and specialised contractors, as well as suppliers to the construction industry interested in exploring the possibility of expanding their business in Scandinavia and networking with new potential partners and suppliers.

Speed date with the stakeholders on future construction projects in the region. In just one day, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge about the pipeline of projects. During special speed dating activities interspersed throughout the day, you’ll also have ample opportunity to network and speak individually with public and private developers, architects, engineers, contractors and suppliers.

Due to sold out conferences in 2017, 2018, and 2019, we’ve made it possible for a greater number of partners, exhibitors and participant take part in the conference.