ZEKON sp. z o.o., established in 2008, is a member of ZEMAN, an experienced Polish-Austrian professional steel industry group. Its modern production plant features technologically advanced equipment and machines and its highly skilled workers and management staff guarantee delivery of high-quality services and products.

ZEKON specialises in the prefabrication of steel structures for industrial halls, warehouses, sports and commercial facilities, as well as for the needs of the power generation and petrochemical industry.

The company has a modern, automated production line for straight and tapered SIN corrugated web I-beams, which have recently become popular due to their low weight and attractive price in comparison to I-welded profiles, hot-rolled profiles and trusses.

In addition, the company’s production process is completely modernised and computerised. Software developed by the Belgium company SCIA operates the automated production line for SIN corrugated web I-beams and numerically controlled devices.

Data are exchanged using an internal computer network, which enables full identification and monitoring of all production process stages, from registration of inquiries and orders and receipt of workshop electronic documentation, to labelling of products and management of the loading process.

Thanks to its modern machinery and equipment, ZEKON is capable of manufacturing complex, high-quality structural elements while guaranteeing on-time delivery.

The steel constructions are assembled in nine 500m2 production halls  (190m x 50m).

The application of corrosion protection is carried out in a 750-m2 modern paint shop with a four-zone ventilation system that allows four different painting/drying design elements to be executed simultaneously.

ZEKON’s production output is 1,000 to 1,700 Mg /month.

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