Ready Bathroom

Ready Bathroom is a company dealing in the production and supply of modular bathrooms, which are used in a wide range of residential, commercial and utility projects. Our bathrooms at the time of leaving the production hall are finished and ready for the final connection of plumbing and electrical installations in the area of ​​the ditch at the construction site. The concept of creating a company is the result of many years of work and determination to enter the market with a unique product. As a result, the bathrooms supplied have a huge trust of recipients in many European countries.
Modular Systems are not only an investment for the investor to save time, but above all to reduce costs and reduce the number of professionals needed at the construction site. Taking into account the sum of benefits, it is easy to understand why contractors are increasingly using prefabrication instead of building bathrooms


Based on the data provided by the client, we create detailed technical documentation. On the other hand, the final control and evaluation remains on the side of the customer or the seconded technical department. The experience of Ready Bathroom allows you to realize very diverse projects from modest, minimalist to comfortable with high standard of equipment and decor. In terms of dimensions, shape and any installed equipment, prefabricated bathrooms can be arranged just as attractive as conventional bathrooms.

Ready Bathroom supports the following projects:

  • multi-dwelling housing
  • hotels
  • dormitories
  • nursing homes.

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