For the past 30 years, Moniterra has specialized in surveying and collecting data to evaluate the structural conditions of constructions, which can help extend their lifespan.

Engineers are by principle aware that a sustainable structure should have a minimal environmental impact, ensuring that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the environment in the same state we inherited it, if not better.
But not only that. A structure itself should be preserved in a condition that ensures that the next generations can use it safely, efficiently and with a sense of gratitude and respect for their predecessors. Gratitude, because they will not have to look back to rebuild, but only ahead, to create the new, the different, the innovative.

Today, structures are designed to last for many years, but as with people, the health of a structure changes with age.

Exposed to time, environmental changes, floods, earthquakes, heavy traffic, extreme temperature and wind variations, acid rainfalls, vandalism, etc. a structure can reach its limits and become unsafe for its users. Thus, monitoring is of vital importance for the structures, the users and their properties.

Regular and proper monitoring of constructions is the best way to document and evaluate the current health condition and timely take corrective measures.

Facing any problem at its genesis stage, eliminates the risk of human losses or injuries, requires minor resources, while at the same time prevents an exponential enlargement that can lead to irreversible consequences.

Moniterra’s expertise is in Safety, Environmental, Structural, Geotechnical & Geodetic Monitoring, providing turnkey solutions for Tunnels, Bridges, High Rise Buildings, Power Plants, Roadways, Open Pits and Monuments.

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