12Build is the construction management solution focused on your procurement activities

Paper construction drawings and specifications have always been the norm in the construction industry. However the continuously changing industry of today and tomorrow has an increased need for trust, expertise and an improved collaboration and less contingencies.

Originating from the construction industry, 12Build saw a challenge in these circumstances. Already 15 years ago we helped the sector away from desks full of papers towards pdf. And 12Build continues to improve online collaboration between construction partners. With the help of 12Build’s solutions tools are being handed to the industry to improve their procurement process. Our goal is to eliminate manual input and hassle during the complete procurement process and create flow and grip for both the requesting as well as the offering party.

This leads to 12Build being the construction management solution focused on your procurement activities. It connects your construction partners and boosts collaboration, improves the performance of your procurement process and leads to a better grip on the complete project.

All in one place, all in one single workflow.

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