For the past 10 years, GroeneWarmte (Dutch for: GreenHeat) has developed sustainable heating projects and heat storage solutions in Europe.

Our mission is: Accelerate and make an impact on the heat transition.

In order to accelerate the heating transition, GroeneWarmte offers two propositions, supported by a unique and proven approach for collective heating, system integration, and thermal storage solutions.

Withing our heat storage unit, GroeneWarmte offers unique large scale underground tank storage systems for district heating. The systems range from 2,000 to 100,000m3 and up to 200MW.

The storage systems are:

  • Efficient (small losses)
  • Underground (or partially) which makes it very interesting for inner cities.
  • Long lifespan > 50 years

Use cases for the storage:

  • Reduce CO2
  • Increase the share of renewable energy sources.
  • Extra power capacity of heat transmission network
  • Optimise CHP production (when electricity prices are high)
  • Optimise large heat pump usage (when electricit prices are low)
  • Integrate heat sources like: geothermal, solar thermal, power-to-heat, etc.

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