Founded in 1908, CMB specialises in infrastructure, civil buildings and hospital construction. It combines huge production capabilities with the flexibility required to stay on top of an increasingly competitive and dynamic construction market.

When it comes to the design, construction and management of large-scale works, CMB is a frontrunner that guarantees customers quality and expertise in all processes and products. The company has refined its construction capabilities over the years, reaching a high level of excellence by improving its design, operation and management skills.

CMB has worked with more than 50 hospitals since the 1990s, with projects ranging from new turnkey structures and extensions and renovations to supplying and installing biomedical equipment and furniture. As a sole contractor, or in partnership, CMB has promoted, designed and executed latest-generation hospital facilities that reflect the latest trends and highest standards in terms of architecture, functionality and interior comfort. The company received awards for two projects in Denmark recently, construction of the New Odense University Hospital (Lot DP03 “Knowledge Axis” and Lot DP04 “Treatment and Bed Units”) and renovation and construction of New Zealand University Hospital.

Starting in the 1990s, CMB demonstrated a marked propensity for completing complex structures and tall buildings, from Unipol Tower headquarters in Bologna to its newest triumphs, Generali Tower headquarters in Milan, which is 170 m tall and has 43 floors, and nearby Libeskind Tower, which is 175 m tall and has 28 floors.

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