Hamwells is a developer and manufacturer of sustainable showersystems and was founded in 2015. The focus of our systems is to reduce the water and energy consumption of this, for many, daily routine.

Many do not realize that showering requires a lot of energy and large technical installations to provide the hot water. But over the past decades this has made us more dependent on fossil fuels. Our team members have gained a lot of experience in technical and sustainable product development. On a daily basis they translate this knowledge for example into systems that use the technique of Waste Water Heat Recovery (WWHR). With this technique we reuse the residual heat from the shower wastewater. This is used to preheat the water supply, reducing the need for hot water and thus energy.

Our Blue WWHR system was introduced in 2019 and has an efficiency of up to 72.5%. This high efficiency makes it possible to work with a hot water supply that is up to 40% smaller than usual. The result is therefore not only a lower utility bill, but also large savings on the technical installation. The Blue has been developed in such a way that it can be used on a single floor. This makes them suitable for renovation and new construction projects in apartment complexes, prefab homes, hotels, healthcare institutions, sports clubs, etc.

The Blue systems use WWHR pipes that have been approved by various inspection authorities, including ETA-Danmark. They have therefore been provided with several certifications and can be installed in various countries within and outside the European Union.

Since the introduction of the Blue, our international network of partners and distributors has grown. At this moment the systems are available via concept developers and the top 3 wholesalers in the Netherlands. They are also available via project partners in France and the United Kingdom.

We are ready for further expansion and are looking for parties that are interested in becoming a project partner or distributor.

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