V8 Architects

V8 Architects is led by wonder, inventiveness, and improvement. We act as creative directors in a profession that juggles art and science, takes the lead in a collaborative process, and finds and develops answers. We are a trusted partner for (re)developments and projects that integrate inventive water, energy and/or food solutions.

V8 Architects is known for its characterful storytelling designs for complex, mostly inner-city projects. Each of our projects consistently seeks to strike a balance between human beings and creating a pleasant living environment. With sustainability as its main driver, V8 offers solutions at different scale levels. From retrofitting and repurposing existing buildings to give them a second life, the creation of new energy-neutral healthy buildings, to the use of bio-based building materials. All these topics came together in our Netherlands pavilion for EXPO2020 in Dubai. Here, V8 Architects designed a fully sustainable and circular building –a so-called biotope– that allowed visitors to experience the connection between water, energy and food in a sensory way.

Based in Rotterdam, our dedicated team of international specialists works on commercial projects, housing and public buildings. Completed projects by V8 Architects include: The tallest residential tower in the city centre of Rotterdam named ‘The CoolTower’ (150 meters), KPN headquarters (offices – Rotterdam) and, Sijthoff (shopping mall – The Hague).

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